Who is Mother Maggie?

Mother Maggie is Mother Magpie for short. And a magpie, as you know, is a bird. A bird with a tad of a taking habit. But it is also someone who feathers the nest of their faith with bright and shiny bits from spiritual and magical traditions and practices from around the world and throughout time. A spiritual magpie. Or, as we like to call ourselves, a magpye. And Mother Maggie is just another name for the big mother who watches out for all of those little magpies: Mama Gaia, Mother Earth.

mother magpie

Who runs this joint?

Daddy Greg (Greg Wharton) and Papa Candelaria (Ian Philips) are two fierce old magical magpies.

They have borrowed from traditions around the world to create enchanting homemade oils and incenses and washes to help you power up your intentions.

They've snatched up bell, book, and candle to decorate your hearth and home. And, yes, quite a few Tarot decks, divine statues, swinging amulets, and mojo for those on the go-go.

They can also help your set your petitions on fire with candlework or tie them up with string in a red flannel bag. They conjure, they consult. They love to do what they can to help you and your dreams take wing.

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What is Mother Maggie's?

Imagine a home altar with ancestors and angels and superheroes. Or a Christmas in July featuring carols in Klingon. Serious. Silly. Grabbag eclectic. Or painstakingly reconstructed from years of study. Any path is possible. All that is needed is a magpie to fly it.

Mother Maggie's is an online spiritual supply store dedicated to helping spiritual magpies of all stripes boost their daily positive prayer and spellwork.

Mother Maggie's may not have everything for every magpye path. But it has thousands of items to inspire each of us to find our unique way to connect with all that is around us.

Daddy Greg (l) and Papa Candelaria (r)

Daddy Greg (l) and Papa Candelaria (r)

• Ian Philips & Greg Wharton •

Mother Maggie's • 6490 Front St, #222, Forestville, CA 95436 • mothermaggies@gmail.com