Body Conjure Perfumes

2016 CONFESSIONS Collection

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10 distinct perfumes, each a story ready to unfold. Pansexual. Daring. Complex. Pure perfume strength. Different on every wearer. Van Gogh yes, and Under the Tuscan Sun sometimes. But also Mapplethorpe and the Powerpuff Girls.

Body Conjure perfumes are created and bottled in small batches by hand for Mother Maggie's in beautiful west Sonoma County, California.

These are fresh, gorgeous, layered compounds of fine essential botanicals blended into rich and beautiful creations that have wonderful and sometimes surprising stories to tell for each wearer. 33% is Perfume Extract percentage and highly concentrated.

All Body Conjure perfumes are available in either alcohol or oil bases. For best results, wear your Body Conjure accord on your pulse points: behind the ears, at the base of your throat, on the biceps, or wrists.

Body Conjure Perfume is 33% natural plant absolutes, CO2 extracts, and essential oils blended into your choice of an oil base (North American Sweet Almond oil, Vitamin E) or alcohol base (Ethanol and t-butyl alcohol, Bitrex, Glucam P-20, Hexylene glycol).


Oil Perfume - 2 ml round glass bottle, $8

Oil Perfume - 3.5 ml round glass bottle with dropper, $20

Oil Perfume - 15 ml (.5 oz) round glass bottle with dropper, $68

Oil Perfume - 60 ml (2 oz) round glass bottle with dropper, $210


Alcohol Perfume - 2 ml round plastic spray bottle, $8

Alcohol Perfume - 8 ml square glass spray bottle, $36

Alcohol Perfume - 15 ml (.5 oz) square glass spray bottle, $68

Alcohol Perfume - 60 ml (2 oz) square glass spray bottle, $210

Upon request, alcohol perfume is available in glass dropper bottles.


For external use only. Do not eat or drink.


And Tonight

Top: Italian Bergamot essential, Italian Orange essential, Italian Petitgrain essential, Spanish Sage essential

Middle: India Black Pepper essential

Base: Moroccan Cedarwood essential, Brazilian Tonka Bean absolute


Arbol de la Noche

Top: Sicilian Lemon essential, Ecuadorian Palo Santo essential

Middle: Indian Jasmine Sambac absolute

Base: Brazilian Copaiba Balsam essential, Egyptian Frankincense essential, Indian Myrrh resinoid, New Caledonian Sandalwood absolute


Clear Space

Top: Italian Bergamot essential, Italian Lemon essential, French Peach essential mélange

Middle: Indian Black Pepper essential, Indian Cardamom essential

Base: Moroccan Cedarwood essential, Egyptian Frankincense essential


Dirty Sinner

Top: Egyptian Basil essential, Italian Lime essential, Italian Petitgrain essential

Middle: Indian Jasmine Sambac absolute, Spanish Rosemary essential

Base: Indonesian Vetiver essential


Hidden Promises

Top: Italian Bergamot essential, Sicilian Lemon essential, Italian Orange essential, French Peach essential mélange

Middle: Egyptian Geranium essential, Indian Jasmine Sambac absolute,  Moroccan Rose Absolute, Brazilian Tonka Bean absolute

Base: New Caledonian Sandalwood absolute, Indian Vanilla essential


Like His Body

Top: Italian Bergamot essential

Middle: Indian Black Pepper essential, Italian Coriander Seed CO2 extract

Base: French Oakmoss absolute, Indonesian Patchouli essential, Egyptian Violet Leaf absolute


Not For Long

Top: Italian Bergamot essential, Indian Juniper Berry essential, Spanish Sage essential

Middle: French Lavender essential, Brazilian Tonka Bean absolute

Base: Moroccan Cedarwood essential,  Indian Labdanum essential, Egyptian Violet Leaf absolute


Still Smell Her

Top: Italian Lime essential

Middle: French Lavender essential, Moroccan Rose absolute, Brazilian Tonka Bean absolute

Base: Indian Ambrette CO2 extract, Indian Vanilla essential


Sweet Wood Desire

Top: Canadian Rosewood essential

Middle: Indian Cardamom essential, Brazilian Tonka Bean absolute

Base: Indian Agarwood CO2 extract, Indian Labdanum essential, New Caledonian Sandalwood absolute, Indonesian Vetiver essential


Tempt Fate

TopItalian Bergamot essential, Italian Lime essential

Middle: Indonesian Patchouli essential, Italian Petitgrain essential

Base; Indian Ambrette CO2 extract, Indian Myrrh resinoid, French Oakmoss absolute, Bulgarian Tobacco absolute