Bowls, Shells, & Sand

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Bowls $1.50-$12.50

Sand $3.50 per pound

“But if theory is not the crystallized resin of experience, it ceases to be a guide to action.”
Leslie Feinberg, Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman


Our bowls and sand are wonderful ways to safely burn candles and incense on your altar or on any surface. Sand not only keeps candles stable but it also safely protects against burn and heat.

Our Abalone Shells can be used to burn incense. They are also a traditionally used when burning smudges to catch ashes.


A. White porcelain bowl. 1.5” height, 3.5” across. $4.50

B. Clear glass Anchor Hocking bowl. 2.5” height, 6.5” across. $5.50

C. Clear glass Anchor Hocking bowl. 3” height, 6.5” across. $5.50

D. Abalone Shell, 4"-5" in length. $6.50

E. Soapstone smudge bowl & incense burner 2.” Height, 5.” across, $12.50

F. White porcelain bowl. 2.” height, 4.5” across. $1.50

G. Ridged off-white porcelain bowl. 2.75” height, 5.” across. $2.50

H. Celadon green bowl. 2.” height, 5” across. $4.50

I. Silver glazed bowl. 2.75” height, 5” across. $2.00

Gorgeous white sand $3.50 per pound