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Cauldrons $10.50-$15.00

“Double, double, toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!”
William Shakespeare, Macbeth


Other than cooking over an open flame, cauldrons are historically used on altars to burn incense and herbs or create potions and cast spells. Or if you’re a leprechaun you can use one to hide your gold and treasures!


A. Cleansed and blessed this formally owned iron cauldron with lid is in perfect shape and ready for your altar or stove. 4.75” height, 6” across. $15.00 - SOLD

B. Celtic knot brass cauldron, 2.5” height, $10.50

C. Solid brass Celtic cauldron, 3.5” height, 4” across, $14.50

F. Cast iron mortar & pestle/cauldron. 3" across, $13.50