Mother Maggie's Custom Spell Bottles

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Custom Spell Bottle $75

“Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be sorry.”
―Jack Kerouac

Spell bottles (also known as bottle spells or witch bottles) are a contained spell involving a mix of possible roots, herbs, colognes, a petition, and personal concerns, sealed within a small bottle and kept on an altar, buried, or hidden in the home. This is a successful spell to supplement other work such as prayer candles, and it can be used to boost just about any purpose or possible outcome.

We can create a custom spell bottle (using shown 3.5 inch recycled cork-top bottle) to help you with specific conditions or goals for $75, which includes the creation of the spell and consultation as to its care. We take our time assembling one, talking to the ingredients, passing everything through Sweetgrass smoke, and feeling the power grow as it is coming together before it is sealed up within the bottle.

We will help you write a petition that you will then need to anoint with spit, sweat, or urine and send to us.

Sometimes results are fast and dramatic or large and sweeping, and sometimes the results are more subtle, less impressive, or take time to show. Sometimes it’s not doing what you think or want it to do or but what needs to happen.

Prayer and spellwork do not substitute for medical or professional therapeutic services or real-world hands-on personal work needed for your condition or wish. Your spell bottle is to boost your possibilities and enhance your chances. Do not eat or drink contents. No claims or promises are made.

Custom Spell Bottle $75