Mother Maggie's Custom Wax Spell Poppets

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Custom Wax Spell Poppet $100


“I hope you like cherry coke, baby doll, or we can't be friends.”
―Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Oblivion

Poppets (also known as doll-babies or voodoo dolls) are a contained spell with a long, varied history and are constructed to represent whoever the work is being done for, or to, and used in specific spellwork which can be anything from love and passion to personal power and protection

Our wax dolls are made from figural candles and stuffed with a mix of herbs, roots, minerals, a petition, and personal concerns. They might also be adorned with charms, roots, herbs, beads, clothing, photographs, etc. as appropriate to the work. These can also work very well for binding. We take my time assembling, talking through and to the ingredients and the doll, passing everything through sweetgrass, sage, or incense smoke as appropriate.

Dolls can also be assembled from items such as fabric, clay, roots, and charms. The combinations are endless and can be made of anything, representing specific personal goals or wishes.

We will custom build a wax poppet for you for $100 which includes the creation of your doll and consultation as to its care. Personal concerns will be requested from you for best results.

Custom Wax Poppet Creation $100.00