Florida Water & Hoyt's Cologne

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"Candy and flowers, dear," Ellen had said time and again, "and perhaps a book of poetry or an album or a small bottle of Florida Water are the only things a lady may accept from a gentleman.”
―Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind

Both of these are 19th century cologne creations that have grown in popularity for magical usage.

Florida Water recipes date back to the 19th century. Traditional Florida Water recipes combine citrus notes (bergamot, lemon, neroli) with spicy notes (cloves, cinnamon) and floral accents (jasmine, rose). Murray & Lanman created and patented their Florida Water in the early 20th century. Use Florida Water for cleansings, good luck, and protection.

Hoyt's Cologne was released in 1868. It is clean and refreshing scent with fragrance notes of citrus and floral. Hoyt's Cologne is widely believed to bring good luck. Splash on your hands and body before playing games of chance, or for money or success work.


Florida Water, Glass, 7.5 ounce, $7.50

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Hoyt’s Cologne, Plastic, 5 ounce, $9.00  (OUT OF STOCK)