Skeleton Keys

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Skeleton Keys $7.00 - $10.50

“Do not allow yourself to be full of hate, princess. Hate is a heavy thing. It weighs us down, chaining us in a dark place. You focus on your love. If you want to be free of this heavy darkness you feel, focus on your love. Love is a chariot with a skeleton key to the chains which hate can wrap around you. To love is to be free.”
―H.D. Gordon,
Shooting Stars


The skeleton key can represent mastering a situation, or unlocking the doors to a future, getting rid of or bypassing obstacles, and success. These keys can be worn around the neck or in a pocket or bag, or for spells and altar work.

A Brass Skeleton Key, 3.5 inches, $10.00

B-C Vintage Iron Skeleton Key, 2.5-2.75 inches, $7.00


D-F Vintage Iron Skeleton Key, 3.75 inches, $10.50