Lodestones (Magnetite)

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Lodestones $2.00 - $20.00

“What you seek is seeking you.”


Lodestones are naturally magnetized Magnetite.

Traditionally used with magnetic sand (iron dust) for attraction spells: singles for prosperity, and two or three matched stones for love or sexual attraction. Lodestones can also be used for emotional grounding and healing and for developing or strengthening psychic abilities.

Larger stones can be used on an altar. You feed the stone(s) with dust, sometimes in combination with candle or other work. The lodestones can represent a particular focus or person(s). Smaller stones or pairs are great in spell bags or honey spells.

Stones can be “cleansed” with a cologne such as Hoyt’s (money) or Florida Water (love, healing, psychic). But once used for a focus or spell it is best to not reuse for something different.

All of our stones are perfectly matched and are graded strong, very strong, or crazy strong! We sell no weak lodestones.


A. Lodestone Pair, Strong, 4.38 ounce, $12.00

B. Lodestone Pair, Crazy Strong, 7.68 ounce, $20.00

C. Lodestone Pair, Very Strong, 4.52 ounce, $16.00

D. Lodestone Pair, Very Strong, 4.72 ounce, $16.00

E. Lodestone Pair, Very Strong, 6.14 ounce, $16.00

F. Lodestone Pair, Crazy Strong, 6.5 ounce, $20.00

G. Small Lodestone Pair, Very Strong, .36 ounce, $4.00

H. Small Lodestone Pair, Very Strong, .42 ounce, $4.00 (SOLD)

I. Small Lodestone Pair, Very Strong, .56 ounce, $4.00  (SOLD)


J. Single Lodestone, Crazy Strong, 5.08 ounce, $10.00

K. Single Lodestone, Very Strong, 4.58 ounce, $8.00

L. Single Lodestone, Strong, 4.80 ounce, $6.00

M. Single Lodestone, Crazy Strong, 3.88 ounce, $10.00

N. Single Lodestone, Crazy Strong, 4.58 ounce, $10.00

O. Small Single Lodestone, Strong, .22 ounce, $2.00

P. Small Single Lodestone, Strong, .36 ounce, $2.00

Q. Small Single Lodestone, Strong, .14 ounce, $2.00

R. Small Single Lodestone, Very Strong, .22 ounce, $2.00


S. Small Lodestone Gravel w/Sand, Mild-Crazy, 2 ounce, $6.00

T. Magnetic Sand (Iron Dust), 2 ounce, $3.00

U. Re-Use Brass Lodestone Box. The metal keeps your lodestone(s) safe and magnetized. Use for storage or as a home for those stones used over a long period of time but not always on an alter. $10.00