The Rapture for Big Sinners: 66+6 Things to Do Before and After The Righteous Lift Off

"Ian Philips is a very well-read, very blasphemous, dirty little piggy." —Michelle Tea

Ian is the co-founder and artist behind all of the paintings featured on the Mother Maggie's website and labels. This is his hardcover illustrated Rapture primer. Learn where to find The Rapture in the Book of Revelations. Learn the Da Vinci Code secrecy that surrounds the link between Blondie's Debbie Harry and The Whore of Babylon. Learn several new games to make the most of reading and watching The Left Behind series. Learn where the Righteous are most concentrated so you be sure to cash in on the free housing and other goodies.

$12.95  "Two horns up." —The Great God Pan