“He had divested himself of the little cloaked godlet and his other amulets in a place where they would not be found in his lifetime and he'd taken for talisman the simple human heart within him.”
Cormac McCarthy, Suttree


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Milagros $6.00 - $12.50

Milagros (also known as an ex-voto or dijes or promesas) are religious folk charms that are traditionally used for healing purposes and as votive offerings primarily in Mexico, the southern United States, other areas of Latin America, and parts of the Iberian Peninsula.

1. Mexican tin bird with ribbon heart 5.25” $12.50

2. Mexican nude male 6” $8.50

3. Mexican nude female 6” $8.50

4. Mexican red heart 4.5” $8.50

5. Mexican red heart 5.5” $8.50

6.-17. Mexican red heart 3” $6.00

17. SOLD

18. Mexican (heavy) metal heart 3.5” $7.50

19. Peruvian oxidized copper heart 2.75” $7.50 SOLD

20.-28. Peruvian oxidized copper hearts 2” $6.50