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Palad Khiks

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Thai Palad Khiks $11.00 - $14.00

The two men stared at each other. Assumptions were made, judgments rendered, dicks measured.”
―Jennifer Estep, Spider's Bite

Palad Khik is a kind of Thai Buddha Amulet that is shaped like a penis. The phrase "palad khik" means "honorable surrogate penis".

Palad Khik originated in India and relate to the Hindu god Shiva, who is usually represented by Shiva Linga. They were brought to Thailand from Cambodia hundreds of years ago by the Khmer. The Chinese concept called Yang is similar, where Shiva is represented abstractly in the form of Linga (male genitalia).

The Palad Khik, as a phallic representation of Shiva, is also an animistic symbol of fertility. It is not uncommon in Thailand to see a penis amulet hanging on a convenience store or a restaurant, or even being sold by old women on the street. Although outsiders may regard these as offensive, ordinary Thais are deeply superstitious and lucky charms and talismans are still regarded as important.

You can use or wear Palad Khiks for personal power, protection, prosperity, or sexual drawing and mastery.

1. Lion 1.5” $14.00 (SOLD)

2. Monkey 1.5” $14.00 (SOLD)

3. Panther 1.5” $14.00 (SOLD)

4. Lion-Legged 1.5” $14.00

5. Double Penis .75” $11.00


Chain or black cord sold separately: You can choose between white plated brass or antiqued plated brass 1.6mm cable chain, or black cord, with corresponding white plated or antiqued .75” J hook closure. Usual length 18”-24” including closures. Use the comment section at checkout to specify your requested length. $3.00