Mother Maggie's Resins

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Priced individually $2.00 - $3.00

“This is the day of wonders. The land is covered with trees like a head with hair and behind the ship the sun rises tipping the top trees with light. The sky is clear and shining as a china plate and the water playfully ruffled with wind. Every wisp of fog is gone and the air is full of the resinous smell of the trees. Seabirds are flashing above the sails golden like creatures from Heaven, but the sailors raise a few shots to keep them from the rigging.” ―Alice Munro

We source our resins in small batches from the finest sources, and package them for each order, to assure freshness and quality. Mother Maggie’s resins can be burned on charcoal along with our condition loose incense or condition herb & root blend powders, or alone. They can also be used for spell and altar work as appropriate.

Mother Maggie’s resins are priced individually. Net wt 1.0 oz in a slide zipper polyethylene bag.


Copal Oro Resin $3

Dragon’s Blood Resin $3

Frankincense Resin $2

Myrrh Resin $2.50


Always burn resins in well-ventilated area.

Curio only. No claims or promises are made. For external use only. Do not eat or drink.


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