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Skulls $11 - $49

“There are four simple ways for the observant to tell Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar apart: first, Mr. Vandemar is two and a half heads taller than Mr. Croup; second, Mr. Croup has eyes of a faded china blue, while Mr. Vandemar’s eyes are brown; third, while Mr. Vandemar fashioned the rings he wears on his right hand out of the skulls of four ravens, Mr. Croup has no obvious jewelery; fourth, Mr. Croup likes words, while Mr. Vandemar is always hungry. Also, they look nothing at all alike.”
Neil Gaiman, Neverwhere

Skulls, skulls, skulls for your altar! Or wee ones to carry in your pocket or in a bag. Skulls are symbols of power, protection, and persuasion.

A. Amethyst- Weight: 2 oz, Size: 1.75x1.25x1.25 inches, $41.

B. Dalmation Jasper- Weight: 2.1 oz, 1.75x1.25x1.25 inches, $37.

C. Hemimorphite- Weight: 3.1 oz, Size: 2x1.5x1.25 inches, 49.

D. Quartz- Weight: .5-.7 oz, Size: app 1.25x.75x.75 inches, $11.

E. Green Stone- Weight: 2.68 oz., Size: 2.25 inches, $11.00

F. White Metal- Weight: 2.62 oz., Size: 2.25 inches, $11.00