Spell Candle Service at the Temple of the New Mysteries

Set your mojo on fire. We dress, we bless, we burn your magic spell candles for Love, Money, Healing, Protection, Luck, and more! Then we conjure up a reading you’ll never forget!

There are many aspects of me. Mother Maggie’s understands that ... I know each new item will guide me farther down the path of my authentic self. I will return to Mother Maggie’s again and again.   -Denise D.

Spell Candle Service

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2-Day Glass-Encased Labeled Condition Candle – Candle Dressed, Blessed, Burned Along with Report with 1 Photo and 3-Card Tarot Reading $10

7-Day Glass-Encased Labeled Condition Candle – Candle Dressed, Blessed, Burned Along with Report with 1 Photo and 3-Card Tarot Reading $20

Connect with and honor one’s ancestors
Bless or ask for help from something or someone bigger than you
Awaken emotional serenity and physical relaxation
Wash clean the spirit and expel negative conditions
Get along with others (bosses, coworkers, landlords, neighbors, fellow citizens, your species)
Charge up personal strength and unleash bravery
Break out of binding situations and break free from negative conditioning
AKA: Cut and Clear.
Enrich your body and soul to allow your family to grow
Strengthen the bonds of honesty and openness between you and your lover
AKA: Chuparrosa; Return to Me; Stay with Me.
Instill clarity and mental balance
Give genuine thanks and achieve a state of profound appreciation for all that is
Root your energies in the earth and draw nourishment and strength from the planet
Inspire sincere smiles, deep belly laughs, and joyfulness of spirit
Encourage physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing
AKA: Healing Miracle
Summon or strengthen a tender love with an intimate you hold dear (from a lover to parent to a child to yourself)
Find and secure a job or improve financial conditions through job income
AKA: Steady Work
Draw safety to your travels, whether they be crosstown or across the world
AKA: Safe Travel
Survive those you share DNA with and enrich the bonds of blood
Draw the best possible outcomes with legal and court situations
AKA: Court Case; Law Keep Away; Just Judge
Deepen the intimate bond between two or more people who are sexually attracted to one another
AKA: Adam & Eve; Love Me; Marriage Blessings; Reconciliation
Attract and keep good luck
AKA: Attraction; Fast Luck; Good Luck; Lady Luck; Lodestone; Lucky 13; Lucky Buddha; Lucky Hand
Draw a lover(s) or increase passion with a lover(s)
AKA: Come to Me; Dixie Love; Fire of Love; Follow Me, Boy; Follow Me, Girl; Kiss Me Now!; Look Me Over
Boost personal magnetism, enhance power of all kinds, and strengthen psychic control
AKA: John the Conqueror; Master Key; Master; Power
Attract money, abundance, and financial successes
AKA: Money Drawing; Money Stay with Me; Pay Me; Prosperity
Create or maintain a happy home
AKA: House Blessing; Money House Blessing; Peaceful Home
Remove obstacles within and without, leaving the way clear to move forward
AKA: Road Opener
Strengthen your stamina and finish what you start
Relieve rather than relive sorrow and soothe heartache
Return to sender negative work done against you
AKA: Cast Off Evil; Reversing; Uncrossing
Enhance your safety and surround you with protection
AKA: Fear Not to Walk over Evil; Fiery Wall of Protection; Protection
Inspire major achievements, draw the rewards and attention they merit
AKA: Crown of Success; Victory
Let go and accept—yourself, another, the divine right timing of the Universe
Bolster and broaden your divination and shamanic journey work
AKA: Psychic Vision
Open your eyes to what you refuse to see within and around you
Accept what you do and do not know and the freedom that comes with that knowing
AKA: King Solomon Wisdom

A Little Bit about Candle Service and A Bit More about Mother Maggie’s Candle Services

What is Candle Service?

Fire. Ancient force of civilization and chaos. Creator of worlds when contained. Destroyer of worlds when unleashed. Illuminator of worlds when tied to rituals. Think of the Beltane bonfires. Think of the ancient Roman boogie man, the Wicker Man, and his hipster many-so-greats-grandson today, Burning Man. Think of the wick threaded through wax molded into shapes and containers of glass and metal of all sizes: a candle.

A candle has become one of the most planet-wide conduits of magic. Prayer or spell set ablaze. The message lifted high by heat and light and smoke. Think of row after row of candles in a Catholic church. Think of rings of candles on a birthday cake. Think of the yahrzeit candle that Jews light each year to remember their beloved dead. Think on the candle placed inside the Halloween jack o’ lantern to ward away the unwelcome dead. Think of Hanukkah. Think of Diwali. Both incredibly important Festivals of Light to millions to mark the triumph of light over lack, good over evil.

Think of the Hoodoo practice of setting lights. Conjurework by candlelight. A candle is dedicated to a specific condition with anointing oils and herbs. It is personalized with a written petition, a prayer on paper, to grant an outcome in light of the condition: a new job, a new love, an influx of money, of health, of sex. The candle is lit. It burns. The petition is released. The intention has been put in motion.

The remains of the candle are now “read” to let the petitioner know how their candlework was received by the cosmos. A crack in the glass, a lump of wax at the bottom of an emptied container, black burn marks or faint wax smudges around the rim, an interesting swirl of herbs and glitter along the glass insides, all of these spell out a message that the candle setter delivers back to his client.

How Does Candle Setting at Mother Maggie’s Differ from Other Candle Setters?

Both Daddy Greg and Papa Candelaria learned a lot about the traditional Hoodoo setting of lights when they worked at Lucky Mojo years ago. (They even incorporated a plain brown bag background into their candle labels so you can you use the timeless classic of Hoodoo/Conjure petition paper without have to ransack your house for a brown bag. They know powerful folk magic is all about using what you have at hand.)

Today, at Mother Maggie’s, they have happily added, like good magpies, bright and shiny bits they have picked up along the years to their own unique version of performing candle service.

If you had someone set lights for you before, you may have noticed that one major difference between Mother Maggie’s and other candle setters is that we don’t burn candles to curse. No “Break Up” or “D.U.M.E” (Death Unto My Enemies) or “Intranquil Spirit.” A main reason is that we are big about intention boosting at Mother Maggie’s. And both Daddy Greg and Papa Candelaria believe the energy behind negative work is as close to a laser-like focus as you can get. You don’t need our help. It’s the positive stuff that is hard to pull off on your own. So we’re here to help you hold your focus and add to it.

How Does Candle Service Work at Mother Maggie’s?

Our candle service begins with you selecting the right candle for your intention. If size really matters to you, go for the 7-Day candle. But what is most important to us as candle setters is your intention. You can play along and pray along from home by ordering a “dressed and blessed” version of the same candle you will have us light (click here). It's a very strong way to add your personal magic along with your own favorite acts of intention boosting: affirmations, prayers, mantras, chanting, vision-questing, vision boards, ecstatic dance. However you work it, we hope you will work your mojo while we dress and bless and burn your candle.

Another way to help us out is to use the notes section in the checkout to write your petition. Again, the greater the focus the more powerful the intent. Think Gettysburg Address rather than The Never-Ending Story. It can just be your name and your date of birth and a one-sentence command or affirmation. Or much more.

Perhaps you would like to have an image from a photo added to outside of the candle—to make it all the more your own—or for the one you are burning it for. If so, you can send the photo to candlesetter at gmail.com (click here to write email). Be sure to include your name and your candle in your subject header (Sister Mary Righteous/Heal).

Once we have your order, we will dress the candle with anointing oils and herbs and a dash of glitter. Add the photo or two if sent. Then we will pray over it using your petition as our starting point. After that, we take the candle to the Temple of the New Mysteries (aka Temple Magpie) and set it alight.

Once your candle is burned, we will take a photo of the burned candle and send you a report via email of what we read from that burned-out candle. This emailed report will also include a 3-card Tarot reading based on the “Do/Don’t Do” Spread of Zoe Matoff (Ian learned of it in Rachel Pollack’s The New Tarot Handbook). The first card is the Situation. The second card is what not to do. The third and final card is what to do. This will all come from candlesetter at gmail.com.

How Long Before I Get My Candle Report?

Our goal is to have the report in your e-hands no more than 14 days after you place your order.

Traditional Candle Service Asks That You Tip Your Candle Setter. What is Mother Maggie’s Policy?

Both Daddy Greg and Papa Candelaria think it’s a wonderful tradition—but they own Mother Maggie’s, so they’re good. Instead, they’d like you to give a tip about our site and our services to your friends if you love the work we do.