Mother Maggie’s & Body Conjure Wholesale!


We are super-duper wicked happy to offer wholesale discounts to retail stores of many an ilk (such as metaphysical, gift, bath & body, salon, … and you!), whether brick & mortar or online.

We offer a generous 50% discount on the following Mother Maggie’s and Body Conjure product:

  • Mother Maggie’s anointing, beard, and massage oils
  • Mother Maggie’s colognes, soaps, salt baths, sachets, and lotions
  • Mother Maggie’s loose, stick, and cone incense
  • Body Conjure perfumes, soaps, salt baths, and lotion
  • Book: The Rapture for Big Sinners: 66+6 Things to Do Before and After The Righteous Lift Off


We offer a generous 25% discount on the following Mother Maggie’s product:

  • Mother Maggie’s herbs and roots by the ounce, and single flora and fauna
  • Mother Maggie’s 9-herb blends, 9-herb baths, and 9-herb powder
  • Mother Maggie’s resins, smudges, and burnables
  • Mother Maggie's labeled 2- and 7-day candles
  • Mother Maggie’s wildflower honey
  • Oil and cologne display racks

Minimum opening order is $200 with a minimum quantity of 3 per item; reorders are $100 with no minimum per item.

Upon request, we offer free testers for opening orders and appropriate reorders. We also offer these amazing display racks with a 25% discount!


Please email Greg and Ian at with a short description of your shop and attach a copy of your resale certificate or license.

Qualifying businesses will receive codes to shop on the Mother Maggie’s site that will discount appropriately. Shipping costs are approximate and any overages will be refunded.

Mother Maggie’s is proud to sell our product through these websites:

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Mother Maggie’s is proud to sell our product in the following brick & mortar stores:

Santa Rosa